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Beauty Center Carlà

The Hotel Villa Maria, The Hotel Giordano and Villa Eva all belonging to the same complex and ownership, are in the close proximity each other and our clients have the opportunity to use all the facilities of the three activities.

Our Beauty Center "Carlà", situated close to the swimming pool, is at our clients' disposal and our well experienced personnel will grant the benefits of a wide choice of massages and beauty treatments to achieve the personal balance, invigoration and good shape.


The treatments available are:

    • Back relaxing: massage with Western techniques, loosens up the muscles resulting in total relaxation;
    • Plantar Reflexology: massage in which only the thumbs are used. It is therefore possible to work at multiple points of the foot to prevent and dissolve many localized disturbances in other parts of the body and recover lost wellbeing;
    • Body sculpture massage: recommended in all cases of imperfections due to localized fat nodules responsible for the so‐called "orange peel" found in both legs, waistline and abdomen. This massage with forceful maneuvers, improves the flow of lymph and blood circulation giving also the tissue a growth of elasticity;
    • Classical complete massage (full body): a set of different techniques, acupressure, kneading and exfoliating, to stimulate skin, muscles and joints. The aim is to create, through the hands, motion and energy using the intuitive feel. It is used to improve circulation, relieve muscle aches and tension and create relaxation;
    • Aromatherapy: one of the easiest ways to use the power of essential oils along with the wisdom of the hands to look after the health of our body and mind. This massage uses a wise combination of vegetable oils and pure and natural essential oils. The use of vegetable oils smooth the manual massage by facilitating the penetration of essential oils and thus increasing their effectiveness;
    • California massage: very soft with long, fluid movements, sometimes practiced with the forearm, alternates delicate joints lifting and vigorous massage. Ideal to restore wellbeing in situations of stress or physical and mental fatigue;
    • Lymphatic drainage: a massage that allows the lymph to restore or accelerate the circulation through special manoeuvres. It is recommended as a support to prevent and resolve some imperfections especially oedema. This technique is practiced with rhythmic manual craftsmanship.With pressure, strokes, circular movements and surges, it modifies the pressure of tissues allowing better circulation of the lymph. The contrasts of heaviness and swelling, give a pleasant feeling of lightness;
    • Ayurvedic Massage: of ancient Indian origins its purpose is to restore the body mental and physical balance. A treatment that deeply relaxes, strengthens the mind and spirit, rejuvenates the body, combats stress and relieves tension and stiffness gently;
    • Hot Stone: a unique treatment that permits to heal body, mind and soul. It is an intensive massage with hot oil and hot stones. Deletes all tissues and energy centers' tensions and muscles blocks.
    • Bikini waxing;
    • Armpit waxing;
    • Partial waxing;
    • Back waxing;
    • Complete waxing;
    • Solar activator face and body: treatment that prepares the skin and intensifies your tan before exposure to UV.
    • Manicure;
    • Manicure with paraffin;
    • Citrus Spa Manicure: treatment that uses the active ingredients in citrus fruits that make the skin bright, more hydrated thanks to the regenerating power contained in citric acids. The effect is of the utmost freshness and aromatic delicacy;
    • Citrus Spa Manicure with paraffin;
    • Pedicure;
    • Pedicure with paraffin;
    • Marine Spa Pedicure: nourishing and moisturizing treatment for tired, hot and painful feet. Thanks to the presence of marine extracts it is an excellent draining and decongesting treatment. The skin will be softer and nourished, and you'll feel a beneficial sense of lightness;
    • Marine Spa Pedicure with paraffin.
    • Sugar Papaya scrub: eliminates impurities and dead skin cells, moisturizes and nourishes the skin leaving it silky to the touch in depth, gives a pleasant feeling of well‐being through its aromatherapy effect;
    • Xocolat: self heating body mud with cocoa and guaranà, with an avena base, with soothing, nourishing, antioxidant and modeling effect.
    • Black Mud: thermal active mud, rich in minerals, is prepared based on Dead Sea mud. Ideal for toning and cellulite treatments, it also helps to relieve joint and muscle pains;
    • Gaiamar: fossil mud for deep cleansing of the skin with a remineralizing and rebalancing action.
    • Face cleaning: basic treatment to remove skin surface impurities, dead cells and black heads;
    • Vivrecel: wakes up tired and dull skin, reduces wrinkles, restores tone and brightness to the face. Stimulates cellular metabolism through fresh vegetable cells. Suitable for dehydrated and lifeless skin. It prevents wrinkles;
    • Top Cell: Lifting effects stretches facial features and boundaries, gives a brighter and smoother skin. Ideal for aged, dry and relaxed skin;
    • Oxygen: Has an oxygenating action on the skin. It activates life and stimulates cellular regeneration and purification of dehydrated, asphyxiated and prematurely aged skin;
    • Collagens: anti‐aging treatment, visibly improves the appearance of the skin through the use of marine collagen and helps to recover lost firmness and elasticity;
    • Privilege: fights the signs of aging skin with a luxurious beauty cocktail formulated with active ingredients such as mother of pearl white orchids, champagne and ruby. Gives the skin elasticity and hydration.

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